Salt Mine in Wieliczka

We would like to offer you a journey to place visited by The Pope Jean Paul II, Mikolaj Kopernik, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many other great personalities.

We offer a visit in The Salt Mine ? one of the oldest salt mines which was entered on the UNESCO international list of world heritage sites in 1978. The Mine was the place of salt mining since The Middle Ages up to a 1996. It has 9 levels ? the first one ? Bono is situated on a 64 meters level under the ground, the last was is 327 meters under the ground.

The popular in all over the world touristic route was established in XVIII and XIV century. Over million tourists visit every year that 3.5 km trail, admiring passages, great chapels ? made of salt, underground lakes, salt sculptures and original mining tools.

After sightseeing we offer you a rest in a complex of salt rooms.

The Salt Mine has it own unique climate with high humidity and constant temperature- 9 °C (48.2 F) *

*We ask you to suit your clothes to the conditions under ground.

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  • Door to door - transfer from the Hotel/Apartment and return.

Estimated time approx 3 hours (2 hours - sightseeing).

Price list*:

Salt Mine:

 2 persons3 persons4-6 persons7-8 personsMore
EUR19,0016,0013,0010,00Contact Us

Salt Mine - Wieliczka and Schindler's Factory:

 2 persons3 persons4-6 persons7-8 personsMore
EUR22,0018,0015,0013,00Contact Us

Auschwitz - Birkenau and Salt Mine - Wieliczka:

 2 persons3 persons4-6 persons7-8 personsMore
EUR48,0038,0034,0031,00Contact Us

*Price in EURO/per person
The sightseeing prices include all vehicle, driver, fuel costs and all parking charges.
Not Included: Tour Guide, Admission fees.